Tears in a Foxhole

I’m the most scared that I have ever been in my life So much uncertainty Everything seems so dark I’m just hoping for a spark Something to give me an idea of my surroundings Everything I ever planned has fallen through Everything I have ever expected as proven untrue Something in me wants to retreat […]

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Instant Karma and Take Out Food

Sometimes the nostalgia takes over my senses and I just wonder where the days have gone I look in the mirror everyday for my hygienic routine But this was the first time in awhile that I actually looked into the mirror Like actually looked at myself I’m twenty-fuckin-five As lost as I’ve ever been Built […]

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Full Moon for Arcturus

The lamp shade is bent out of shape The room is too bright So I nudge my body til I’m within arm’s reach to turn off the light The night is young, destination untold I feel my lungs collapse and fill up with soul I think of better days and say “I’ll see ya soon” […]

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