P.I. Log #3

My radio was still on in my car and the Summer 2011 mix I made was playing. The first chorus of Number Five With a Bullet was playing, my how some songs bring back specific memories. Valerie was gone and we lost that pesky but intimidating drug dealer. Topher and I checked each other for […]

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P.I. Log #1

Oh Sandra You left me for some big shot named Tony Who works in the ever corrupt casino industry Called off the wedding bells and handed me back the ring Smacked me back into reality I’m twenty-five with no direction Single and my sanity now suspended So what did I do next? I became a […]

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Human Shipwreck Pt.1

I have been left to my own sweet devices Staring at the ceiling Feeling the urge creep back in Thread by thread It’ll overtake me eventually The disconnect that occurred when I was young It tingles something nostalgic Poses as my friend Like anything with a nefarious conscience It’s just waiting for me to be […]

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A retro looking airplane with “reach for the sky” written on its side slices through the clouds While two hummingbirds chase one another alternating who’s the runner and who’s the chaser ¬†While the setting sun provides emphasis on the firefly’s glow as it lands in the palm of my hand While I fantasize about clear […]

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