Instant Karma and Take Out Food

Sometimes the nostalgia takes over my senses and I just wonder where the days have gone I look in the mirror everyday for my hygienic routine But this was the first time in awhile that I actually looked into the mirror Like actually looked at myself I’m twenty-fuckin-five As lost as I’ve ever been Built […]

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Lipstick Flavored Bullet

You’re leaving And I’ve been up for days I’m not fit to have this conversation But I’m the one who initiated it You’re golden And I’ve grown bitter I don’t want to taint this anymore I don’t want you to hate me I’ll give you closure While I lay awake like an open book This […]

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Star Gazing

Call this a dark night of the soul, a spiritual crisis, a mental breakdown But let’s not get caught up on the labels   I’ve had an epiphany of sorts I feel beautiful and I see you’re beauty too Here’s a crazy idea Let’s heal each others wounds Through love and compassion We’ll build a […]

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Attachments of the Heart String

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted But what I wanted has been clouded By a spark, a memory The ember of who i’m supposed to be Ignite the darkness of the shadows that I reside Hold my breath, holster my pride I know how this looks on the outside Like I’m leaving you behind  Sprout your […]

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Full Moon for Arcturus

The lamp shade is bent out of shape The room is too bright So I nudge my body til I’m within arm’s reach to turn off the light The night is young, destination untold I feel my lungs collapse and fill up with soul I think of better days and say “I’ll see ya soon” […]

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