Carl Jung just might be right

Being a private eye you have to be hyper vigilant with your surroundings. This may have added to my already superstitious persona Now i’ve been living on the same block for two years now and never have I once seen roadkill or a single dominos delivery car in the area These last two days I […]

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P.I. Log #1

Oh Sandra You left me for some big shot named Tony Who works in the ever corrupt casino industry Called off the wedding bells and handed me back the ring Smacked me back into reality I’m twenty-five with no direction Single and my sanity now suspended So what did I do next? I became a […]

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A retro looking airplane with “reach for the sky” written on its side slices through the clouds While two hummingbirds chase one another alternating who’s the runner and who’s the chaser  While the setting sun provides emphasis on the firefly’s glow as it lands in the palm of my hand While I fantasize about clear […]

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The Brando Blue’s

You say you’re morally burnt As you Method act your way to the set  Only to succumb to stage fright  And realize you’ve only skimmed the script  When the dust has settled  Be hopeful for an Emmy nomination in your own personal satire  Than walk the carpet  Burgundy faded  And the feeling of being jaded  I […]

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