P.I. Log #3

My radio was still on in my car and the Summer 2011 mix I made was playing. The first chorus of Number Five With a Bullet was playing, my how some songs bring back specific memories. Valerie was gone and we lost that pesky but intimidating drug dealer. Topher and I checked each other for […]

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P.I. Log #2

On my drive home I felt my phone vibrate, I look at the caller id and it reads 11:11(the shithole), I pick up and it’s Lisa frantically telling me that she was buttering rolls for tomorrows breakfast rush and she reached her hand in and couldn’t believe what she pulled out, a half green and […]

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The Other Part Time Gig Pt. 2

Way back when, Ali was my mentor, he taught me everything I needed to know about working at 11:11. He taught me how to efficiently pack out the cooler, order inventory for every area of the store correctly and most importantly how to be a lazy fuck when how have seniority over the person you […]

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The Other Part Time Gig pt. 1

Been doing this retail thing off and mostly since I was fifteen For the last two years I’ve been working for this guy, let’s call him Mr.Dean Mr. Dean owns a string of convenience stores in my town and surrounding area He also owns a large development catered to any families that want to live […]

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Carl Jung just might be right

Being a private eye you have to be hyper vigilant with your surroundings. This may have added to my already superstitious persona Now i’ve been living on the same block for two years now and never have I once seen roadkill or a single dominos delivery car in the area These last two days I […]

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