Aviators (You were the Cult Leader)

Maybe I’m wound too tightly

My insides seem to fall out before I’m ready

Are you ready?


I thought as much

Living by the mantra “Don’t trust anybody”

From one crucial loss

One loss

Is it possible to live the same day for years?

I’m young but tired of the sting

The pressure in my brain

Can I open up?

“We haven’t interacted enough.”

We are closed off until the hybrid moment

I’m closed off until the hybrid moment

Maybe I’ll cough it out

Feel it out

Drink it off

Sleep it off

I’m calling out

They’re distant and I’m questioning my memory

Would you remember my face?

Its got miles and tribulation

Oh my friend, would you remember my face?

Through Trials and malnutrition?

I’m nothing but the perceiver in those old photographs

Of you on Athenian Mountain

I’m nothing but a mannerism that you cannot remember where it stems from

I sit and listen to the conversation in the background

Is it too shallow for me to chime?

Am I too jaded?

Or is it more of the same

Human games in godly missions

God, are you listening?

Would it be a crime if I asked “if the accident will?”

Because I’m hoping for an accident

“If the crime will.”

Let me know if you live

Of course, I know that you’re living and doing fine

But are you alive?












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