The Epilogue of When You Thought That You Had Yourself Figured Out

I see that you are pain

And I have writer’s block

Maybe I’m in a coma again

I’m hoping that you come out of this

The raw nerves, the memories represented in scars

They have made you a bit bitter

You feel as though you have nothing left to give

You’re praying that these sensations are fleeting

But it is starting to feel like you are never going to change

Like a Caterpillar stuck in it’s cocoon

Like a raven that became it’s own prey

I’ve been spending my nights

Inebriated, screaming at the stars

Hoping for an epiphany

Broken not from one swift motion

Broken from the build up of bruises

Sculpted in all the wrong places

I hope that you find heaven on this plane

At that point, gold don’t mean a thing

Just know that I love you




Inspired out of “what?”

I do not know




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