My Seventh Seal

Haunted . . . .

(For the last four years)

a clever chess game is being played

The radical stakes that have been wagered are reminded in every little gesture

Reminders of how I once had a Queen defending me

Memories of the bishop sacrificing himself as the pawns soon followed

Knights out maneuvered in moves mindlessly made

Now in the corner,



 Teeth lost

The Chariot Destroyed

Pure love disintegrated before my hazy eyes

Rationalized by my foggy mind


I’ve slipped

Questions about the questioned

I have fallen ill

I’m ill-equipped

This is a battle

a battle of humble beginnings

a battle that has caused me to question my logic

Question “who am I to proclaim what love is?” with a shell acting as an archaic instrument

Broken not in one swift motion

Broken from the build up of bruises

Chipped away at

Sculpted in all the wrong places


The night, I can’t face it

I see a piece of you in each one of their faces

You’re the fleeting figure in my dreamscapes, the one loss I cannot escape

The loss that is symbolic in nature

The only loss that matters


The chessboard dissolved into itself

Like a self-loathing parasite

All that is left is




As I yearn for the great awakening

………..Perhaps Reclaiming

……………..Perhaps Rebirth




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