Tears in a Foxhole

I’m the most scared that I have ever been in my life

So much uncertainty

Everything seems so dark

I’m just hoping for a spark

Something to give me an idea of my surroundings

Everything I ever planned has fallen through

Everything I have ever expected as proven untrue

Something in me wants to retreat back to the fetal

To find a safe place

But that place no longer exists

I would say my backs to the wall but there is no wall to back into

This year has been an endless roller coaster

Starting at the bottom of a bottle in South Jersey

To the end of a joint in Queens

Trying to find the line in Long Island

Only to wake up in California

God, you and I have been distant my whole life

But I need you now

This is a foxhole prayer in an abyss surrounded by martyrs in the acoustics

I can’t see shit but damn is it ever loud

Where is my footing or where will I be tomorrow?

I’ve given up on planning the future

With winds ever so unpredictable

Please show me the way

I’ll do the right thing if the right thing shows itself

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