Instant Karma and Take Out Food

Sometimes the nostalgia takes over my senses and I just wonder where the days have gone

I look in the mirror everyday for my hygienic routine

But this was the first time in awhile that I actually looked into the mirror

Like actually looked at myself

I’m twenty-fuckin-five

As lost as I’ve ever been

Built up a credit rating with sin

At an interest rate not all that interesting

A steady diet of instant karma and take out food

So I thought an adventure on an all nighter just before an early day was best for the spirit

Delirious and primitive I stray from the path

Walking through thorns and tripping on fallen oak I question when the pain stopped feeling painful

Maybe I’m lucky or maybe I’m cursed

Maybe it’s repression, maybe it’s growth

But I’ll cheers regardless to being a part of this season’s “Earth”

Lighthouse you seem so far when I haven’t yet hit the water

Will you guide me with your shining light because I’m being seduced by sirens




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