I Wear All White So I Can Throw Myself Instead of a Towel

Th way the pillow caught on fire while we made a sloppy attempt at making love

The way the moon looked when we were hiding from beach patrol on an am smoke session

The way that you said that you wished you could ball me up and put me in your pocket so I can be everywhere you go

The way you drove three hours and jumped into my bed when I was low

The way I threw up on the zipper and you laughed it off as vomit dripped onto the kids below us

The way the moon was blood red when we camped out in a $30 tent

The way you held me at times I was at my weakest

The way I came to the realization I love you in the back of a cop car

The way you told me you love me when I least expected it

The way we watched sunrises almost  as often as sunsets

The way I almost crashed my car when we met

The way we made the most of what we could with the circumstantial barricades

The way that I didn’t know if you were coming or leaving

The way that our breathing matched up when we were sleeping next to one another

The way you inspired me to pick up writing again and not give a shit about what anyone thinks

The way you kissed me after our families met

The way I walked around aimlessly for hours trying to write you a poem to go with your mixtape

The way I smiled in the mirror before our first date

No, I don’t wanna go back

Even though you’re here but not near

I hold out hope like an asthmatic underwater

Convincing myself that I’m Aqua Man opening the lungs again after a lengthy leave of absence

All I need is a little practice

Some say we settle for fool’s gold when we haven’t seen real gold

Some say we fall for gold when we have’t been exposed to diamonds

I say we need none of that  earthly shit when we’ve experienced heaven













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