Lipstick Flavored Bullet

You’re leaving
And I’ve been up for days
I’m not fit to have this conversation
But I’m the one who initiated it

You’re golden
And I’ve grown bitter
I don’t want to taint this anymore
I don’t want you to hate me

I’ll give you closure
While I lay awake like an open book
This is something I have to fight by myself
I really thought I was ready

I guess that’s the beautiful part of naivety
It can make you believe for a while that happy endings are straightforward
I still see you everywhere
There’s love in everything
Like Two ducks floating side by side into a sunset
Or our initials engraved into the sidewalk that I blow a kiss to every time I pass it
I’m Learning to appreciate what we had
And embrace the uncertainty of the future
Know that I’ll always love you


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