No More Poems About You

Something has got to give

It’s time to break on through to the other side

Save some face, transcend my pride

You had me turning my neck as a second reference because I no longer trusted the reflection in the rear-view

I can’t believe what I see when I see it

But now the light is coming through the holes in the stained glass

That were created when I was emptying my clip into the ceiling with my back to the grass

I spent months in my bed looking at your indent

Reading an abundance of Whodunnits

Wrestling with the sheets, hugging bottle after bottle

Drinking what would smell the least on my breath and practicing my posture

Going about my day like I’m not in pain

Becoming the perfect actor

I see now that you’re a selfish lover

It’s simply your nature

 For the longest time I shouldered the blame on my back until I found myself slumped over from the weight

The Hunchback of unwarranted shame

Don’t get me wrong

It was partly the world I created from living within the realm of the movies

Like North by Northwest and It’s a Wonderful Life

I molded you into the one of my dreams when I was just Don Quixote on acid, and you were a sexy Sancho Panza

I believed in happily ever after

Come to think of it, I guess I still do

But now is a time for healing

A time to find myself

And I know love will eventually find me again

With or without you


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