Going for Broke (Flashback Poem)

Hazy memories

Like us on the hill at Eden Park

Our backs to the wall facing away from the ongoing little league baseball game taking place no further than a hundred yards away

And I’m not quite sure what we were smoking out of but we were smoking

(let’s just say an L for the story’s sake)

A group of little kids started charging at the hill

They must’ve been younger siblings of the kids playing

They started to play an unorganized game of tag

The boys went for the girls they liked and the girls went for the boys they thought were “stupid”

Flirting really doesn’t change all that much as you get older

The kids started to acknowledge our presence and passed us screaming

“kiss her, kiss her”

You concealed the L as they ran passed

We had only kissed once before that day

So I was hopeful

You pulled the L back out and took a hit

You held the smoke in your mouth and pulled me in close by the back of my head ,running your fingers firmly through my hair

Our lips met and I felt the smoke like a gentle gust enter my mouth

We continued to make out as the smoke slowly drifted out between our mouths

One of the kids saw and yelled “ew”

We laughed real hard until my side cramped up

Your laugh bounced off mine.

When one paused the sound of the others reinvigorated the chuckle

I kept thinking that I hadn’t known you long but something felt oh so familiar about your laugh

Like I had always known it

I thought about the mix cd I had just given you and thought you liked

Containing a phat mix of what I shoulda named “hey I freakin have the hugest freakin crush on you vol. 1

There was also folded up square of paper inside

It contained my official confession that I was in love with you

With metaphors and melodramatic content

I named it Inspired out of a Writers Coma 

And I definitely felt something awaken within myself





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