Burial of a Rebel (Flashback Poem)

My job wouldn’t let me off because it was such short notice

I counted down the minutes while I stared at the clock

It was fifteen minutes removed from midnight when I finally got out

I stopped at the Valero down the street and filled the tank with the little money I had left and started to shoot up north

In times like these it seems like every song that plays on the radio is strangely coincidental

I put my phone on silent and cruised down the Garden State

I thought about the time we did acid and tried walking across a frozen lake

We heard strange sounds and thought the lochness monster was below us

After we got across safe we saw a tire swing that must’ve been twenty years old

I got in the tire and you pushed with all your might

I swayed back and forth and than the rope snapped

I fell on my ass and we laughed

We made our way to Patrick’s house

We looked in his window and he was playing Runescape

We simultaneously knocked on his window and the glass shattered

We ran all the way back to your house making sure to hide in the bushes when cars came near

We got back safe and told Patrick about it the next day

Than I thought about the last time I saw you

I had moved away by this point but was still attending a music festival I attended every year

I was with my new group of friends

We approached the entry gates and on the other side I saw you

I got my bracelet and approached you

You seemed scatter brained and just plain off

You asked to use my phone and I let you

After a few minutes I got irritated and asked for my phone back

You handed it back and we parted ways

The festival lasted three days

On the third day I left by myself because blink-182 had cancelled

On the way out near the ferris wheel I saw you standing there

Tweaked out of your mind once again by yourself

I just kept walking

I got on the shuttle bus and looked back

That was the last time I saw you


I got to the cemetery and parked down the street

I walked in and searched for your name

The tombstone was the newest looking out of them all

I stopped and stared

I placed the cheap convenience store flowers I had gotten from my job next to a bouquet of roses

I thought I would say more than I did

All that came to mind was

“Man, I’m sorry”


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