P.I. Log #5 Running into Old Friends

The flashlight was obstructing my sight but I recognized that voice. The officer put his flashlight down and stuck his head in the window. It was Officer Ken and behind him with his gun already out pointed at my head was Officer Dan.

Topher, Kenny, Danny and myself were four very close friends all throughout high school and even for a few years after. While Topher felt he had found his career as a used car salesman, Kenny, Danny and I took the test for the town of [undisclosed] police force. We were all mutually bothered by how much the town had changed since we were kids and decided becoming cops would be the best way to fight the evils that be. I got the best grade out of all of us but after the academy I got stuck with a dirty cop by the name of Lou Maroney as my mentor.


Side Story -One night we had to go investigate a noise complaint in the projects apparently multiple woman were making a lot of noise and the neighbor was concerned. We got to the apartment building and the elevator in the lobby looked like it would kill us if we tried to ride it so we climbed the twelve flights of stairs with Lou considerably behind me. I got to the apartment first and knocked on the door. I heard screams and took out my gun and proceeded to kick the door down. When I entered I couldn’t believe what I saw. Two women were tied to chairs  back to back with gags in their mouths, they looked like they got into a fight, another woman was handcuffed to a heater and another tied down to a raggedy bed, I looked on the ground and saw a mafioso wannabe on the floor, it looked like he overdosed from the mixture of blood and foam coagulating and dripping from his mouth. I started to untie the two girls from the chairs and ask what happened.

The girls didn’t speak English, hell they barely even spoke they just kind of screamed like they forgot how to speak. I was untying the rope when I heard Lou behind me.

The girls started to scream even harder like they recognized him

“Jonny let me deal with this, this is way over your head, especially for a rookie.”

Even though I was probably traumatized I still had a job to do.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Lou pulled out his gun and pointed it right at me

“Jonny, I’m telling you stay out of it, go downstairs and wait in the car.”

“With all due respect Lou, I’m staying right where I am.”

Lou’s cell phone started to ring and he picked up.

“Yeah, yeah, everything is handled here I just need some help dealing with a stubborn rookie who doesn’t know his place.”

A few minutes later two men in suits came in one was very large and lunged at me and the other followed with a syringe, I put up a struggle as I felt the needle pierce my neck and I immediately began to lose consciousness.


I got woken up by Kenny and Danny the next day on a park bench. They were responding to a call that a drunk cop was passed out in the park for hours. Something seemed different about them, they barely made eye contact and were doing everything by the book.They threw my arms over their shoulders and walked me back to the squad car.Danny turned to me.

“You’re in deep shit dude the Captain knows all about last night.”

“If he knows about last night than Lou should be the one worrying.”


We got back to the station and walked straight towards the Captain’s office, also sitting there was Lou Maroney.

I sat down and felt a headache start to form like I was partying hard the night before. The Captain was twiddling with his moustache and Lou was smoking a cigarette blowing smoke directly in my direction.

“Before I have the chance to reprimand you, do you want to explain your actions last night?”

I started to explain my side of the story and got cut off

“Lou said you were the first responder on the call and found a dead meth head in the room, you than wound up scrounging the apartment for any leftover drugs and fled the scene.”

Maroney chimed in.

“I knew it was a bad idea to let him go in with me after telling me about his past psych history.”

“This isn’t your fault Maroney, it was the heat of the moment.”

The Captain pulled out a manila envelope with a stack of photographs.

“Do you recall any of this?”

It was picture of me passed out at the local strip club, than another picture of me barely conscious with lines of meth on a motel coffee table, than another one of a blonde prostitute taking a selfie with me now undressed just wearing my unbuttoned police shirt and she’s doing a line off my stomach.”

“I don’t remember any of this Captain I’m telling you I was set up what about the girls?”

Maroney once again chimed in

“I think you had your fill of girls last night.”

“NO, the girls that were tied up in the room.”

The Captain shook his head,

“I’m sorry Jonny but unfortunately I’m going to have to suspend you, we have a rehab program here and if you’re serious about coming back you have to attend that first.”

Maroney had a shit eating grin on his face and I felt like I had nothing else to lose so I spit in his face, Maroney sat still as the phlegm ridden loogie dripped down from his nose into his mouth, he wiped it off and smiled.

“You’ll never be a cop in this town again.”

“You’re a dirty cop and I’ll bring you down if it’s the last thing I do.”

I slammed my badge on the table and walked out. Kenny and Danny were standing outside, as I looked at them they looked down and away.

Kenny and Danny stopped answering my phone calls after that and the only time I have seen them is when they pull me over which has happened multiple times now, I think they have are also under Maroney’s spell now that he is lead detective of the precinct, but I’m not certain. They responded to the call that gave Topher a DWI months so he has a vendetta against them too, it’s like our core group split into half.


“License and registration.”

I took out my license and Ryan who was clearly tweaking hard opened the glove compartment and ripped through a bunch of papers before ripping out my registration.

Ken handed them over to Dan and he went back to the car to run my plates.

“So what are you doing on this side of town this late at night.”

“You know me always trying to go on an adventure.”

“One of these days it’s going to get you killed, hey is your friend okay he looks a little restless?”

Ryan rapidly replied

“Yeah I’m fine , just too much coffee, yup that’s all it is just a little too much of the old Joe.”

“Right, can you gentleman step out of the vehicle?”

We got out and I got breathalyzed, which I passed.

Ken than patted me down and found my pack of joints.

“What is this we have here.”

Dan walked over and smelt the pack

“Is that reefer?”

” I think it is Officer Ken.”

“We’re going to have to confiscate this.”

“Aw man come on I use that for my anxiety.”

“Well it’s not legalized in this town, now get out of here before we arrest you and give your friend a melatonin or something to calm him down.”

Ryan jumped into the passenger seat and I started the car and drove off, in my rear-view I could see Dan cupping his hands trying to block the wind as Ken lit up one of my joints I was furious but at least I wasn’t in jail.  I wondered why everyone is always smoking my weed.


We got home and Ryan immediately ran inside because he had so many good ideas that he needed to write down. I popped a squat on my cool metal steps, I looked at the time and it was 5:30 in the morning, the sun was coming up and I had to be at work for a meeting at 9. So many things ran through my head like what was going on inside that yacht and how many people are connected to it and just how deep does this go? This is more than a cheating millionaire, this is big, and I plan to get to the bottom of it. While thinking about all of this my alarm went off it was already 8:30 in the morning, I had to leave for 11:11 after being up for twenty-four hours.

To Be Continued


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