To Feel For the First Time (Flashback Poem)

The first time you told me you loved me I was caught off guard

I wasn’t expecting what I felt when I heard it

It was like the DMT from my dreams were meeting with reality for the first time

I tried to keep still as long as I could to photograph this moment into my subconscious

I had no expectations, just blind hope

The snow around us was heavy and covered the mountains of the Catskills

The white added a hint of purity

I couldn’t help but play it cool and ignore the tears that were ringing the bell of the room where my eyelids resided

To pull up the curtain now just didn’t feel right

I looked into your brown eyes so deeply that I saw my reflection

For the first time I found sanctuary in something that’s not synthetic

After that I started to look at the world differently

Everything seemed brighter and innocent

There was a reason for why everything is the way it is

It just seemed to all make sense







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