The Changing of the Clouds (Flashback Poem)

I’m a punk, a heretic, just dust on the system

I get blown off the surface and fade into nothing

I should be proud if I momentarily disrupt your sinuses

Today it feels like the pink clouds were filling in for the stratocumulus

Who finally showed in the late afternoon of a summers day

I stutter at the sight, always forgetting the perfect words at a crucial time

Allow me to collapse into a leisurely state

And tell you about how I’ve been battling my ego

Who drinks Irish Car Bombs with arrogance on the wrong side of town

A twenty four hour bar with no minimum on credit

Anytime I put my head above water I regret it

It’s like I found comfort in the struggle

To call my body parts into a huddle

And tell myself from my head to my toes to stop shaking

I’m laying next to a doorway that I need to eventually walk through

After everything i’ve been through

I’m sick of living on repeat

It’s not rinsing off like it used to

Bring me the change

No matter how painful

I can’t lay in this spot anymore

I’m craving the next chapter











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