Requiem for a Lost Soul (Flashback Poem)

Hemingway went out with a bang

Bukowski went out with a “cheers”

And All I hope is that I go out with something more than what i’m feeling right now

Which is nothing

Complete apathy in everything and everyone

Makes me think the devil has already won

I feel the emptiness in my bloodstream and I see the emptiness in my eyes when I look in my bathroom mirror every night

I view the world as my enemy

Yeah, i’m an enemy of the world

You’ve taken more and more from me and expect me to keep trucking along

Everything is fucking fleeting

Like my hands are always covered in grease

Greasy and shaking

It slips through my palm and shatters in a way that I should’ve been expecting

But i’m blindly optomistic

Like an impaired cynic

I’ll laugh it off like it’s a big joke

And die a little more inside

After all that talk about a man and his pride

I see it’s paper thin

Chop block me at the shin

Read off a list about all my sins

I’ll tune out and fade out of consciousness

Tell me oh tell me how it’ll get better

Because all I see is assholes say they are “awakening”

Giving shallow advice and misleading kids

Another religious agenda

Committing silent crimes

Destroying lives

In this world

How are you expected to survive

When you’re of a different breed

Can you live in disbelief?

The fucking truth is what I need





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