Hazy Night’s Foster Confessions (flashback poem)

We’ll keep the lights down low

So that our scars don’t show

The purple on my knee and the velvet on your dress will fade into black

As the Lightning song will begin to serenade the airwaves

Rain like fragmented memories clash upon my window sill

As you tell me about where it all went wrong

I sit still but ever attentive

And listen to all the things you said but never meant

I see beauty for the first time in the purest form

Like arrows shot at a vicious storm

It’s useless to think that I’m shaken

I’ve heard it all before

Felt it all before

Bled it all before

As I digress we finished a bottle of wine

And think about how time is a bittersweet human construct

That seems to grab us by the neck

Every now and again

I hope you know that you’re my best friend

Something that I’ll make sure doesn’t fade with trial

You say you don’t know why but you wish you didn’t agree to come to this place

And I resonate with that

We are toasted and naive

As we run out onto the street

Allow our feet to run through puddles exposing cracks on the sidewalk

Ignoring the nearby lightning

You say you don’t care for the sting but more for the release

I couldn’t help but agree









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