Falling Back into My Demons (flashback poem)

I begged her to stick around

For more sunsets transcending into morning regret

Yeah I lost the bet

I couldn’t keep it together when it mattered the most

My hands are shaking and my memory has become dull

Since you left i’ve been spending my nights at Old Man Dugan’s

Talking to the bar fly’s that frequent there

Mickey the barkeep knows somethings up

He’s had to call me a cab every night this week

Last night I gave the cabbie an address around the block from my apartment

I jumped out and hopped three fences

The second one I started to vomit chunks of chips and salsa mixed in with bottom shelf whiskey

I got to my front door only to realize I must’ve dropped the keys during the scurry

I laid across the welcome mat you bought last spring

The one with the faded  flowers from all the foot traffic

I look up at the stars and remember a medium telling me once I was from Arcturus

Man I wish they’d beam me up right about now

I drifted off into sleep




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