The Other Part Time Gig pt. 1

Been doing this retail thing off and mostly since I was fifteen

For the last two years I’ve been working for this guy, let’s call him Mr.Dean

Mr. Dean owns a string of convenience stores in my town and surrounding area

He also owns a large development catered to any families that want to live in an upper middle class utopia, you know like the type of community where all the houses look exactly the same with the same white picket fences at the end of every perfectly paved driveway.

My father used to work for Mr. Dean as what he called “maintenance guy”

I knew from a young age Mr. Dean was connected to the mob and my father did more than “maintain the utopian community”

Without getting into too much detail my Father fucked Mr. Dean over for a lot of money and kind of went off the grid.

That was seven years ago.

Mr. Dean knew I needed a job and hired me as a cashier at one of his convenience stores and the rest is history

Mr. Dean asks me on a weekly basis if i’ve heard from my father, I think finding him is why Mr. Dean keeps me around

So I work at this “family owned” establishment, now the assistant manager, the manager is a strung out Indian guy named Samar. Samar was riding high moving on up through the ranks of lets call this place 11:11 convenience. He was being groomed to becomeĀ  district manager until he got into a car accident involving his Prius being T-boned by a Cadillac SUV. He suffered injuries to his back and was put on painkillers. Sitting at home Samar developed a little problem with the painkillers; soon after his wife left him for my other coworker Ali (more on that later). Samar came back months later and managed to reclaim his Manager title but he clearly was not the same guy, he constantly has mood swings and gets into altercations with customers, he also is super anal with his workers. I’m pretty sure they gave up on the whole District Manager idea soon after Mr.Dean on a visit to the store one day saw a note written above the side door light switch “leave this light fuckin off- Samar” .

So I was scheduled for my usual 3-11 shift last night, when I came in Samar was sitting at his desk in the back,he appeared to be in a good mood wearing his cynical smile that i’ve learned to correlate with bad news coming.

“Hey Samar, how’s it going?”

He licked his lips twice while still wearing that smile

“Jonny boy, you’re three minutes late and i’ve got so much work for you today.”

He gestured with his pointer and middle finger doing what I like to call “the sensual come here claw”. I walked closer and he started massaging my bicep and grinding his teeth and staring off into space laughing subtly but maniacally to himself. He looked at me and said “we’re gonna catch this fuckin guy”

“The guy that’s been pooping all over the store?” I asked

“He shit in the sink last night Jonny, I looked at the camera and only Ali and I had used the bathroom that shift.”

Grinding his teeth a little hard “I want you to clean this shit up and I want you to be on Ali’s ass the whole shift, don’t let him out of your sight. I know it’s him, he’s fucking with me again; he takes my wife and now shits all over my store.”

He started laughing to himself a little more and my bicep started feeling sore from how much he was digging his fingers in and massaging.

“great” I thought to myself more detective work and I haven’t even started my actual PI work yet

I started laughing with Samar because that’s what gets him to stop, he looked at me now irritated “go clean that shit up”

To be continued






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