P.I. Log #1

Oh Sandra

You left me for some big shot named Tony

Who works in the ever corrupt casino industry

Called off the wedding bells and handed me back the ring

Smacked me back into reality

I’m twenty-five with no direction

Single and my sanity now suspended

So what did I do next?

I became a private investigator just like my uncle

Living in the shadows for me has always been comfortable

So far my only steady job is making sure Mr. O’ Brien’s daughter doesn’t throw parties when he’s off working shady business dealings in Cali

Sandra just recently let herself into my apartment one night

To remind me that i’m alone, but really to see if I’d spy on her husband

She thinks he’s having an affair and I desperately need scratch to pay this months rent

I reluctantly accepted the job

She gave me a hug and for a brief second her scent sprung on the nostalgia of lost nights

I snapped myself out of it and took the first payment

This job isn’t like how it’s depicted in the movies




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