Carl Jung just might be right

Being a private eye you have to be hyper vigilant with your surroundings.

This may have added to my already superstitious persona

Now i’ve been living on the same block for two years now and never have I once seen roadkill or a single dominos delivery car in the area

These last two days I have seen seven dead raccoons on the side of the road and Dominos go up and down my block like someone needs an intervention

I wouldn’t be as weirded out if

A. My street wasn’t a culdesac ending no more than a quarter mile down the road (i’m the corner apartment building)


B. It wasn’t the same pizza delivery car everytime.

This has led me to wonder if the same person who’s been ordering all those 555 deals (if that deal still exists)  has also in return going out of his way to run over innocent raccoons.

I think i’m onto something



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