Human Shipwreck Pt.1

I have been left to my own sweet devices

Staring at the ceiling

Feeling the urge creep back in

Thread by thread

It’ll overtake me eventually

The disconnect that occurred when I was young

It tingles something nostalgic

Poses as my friend

Like anything with a nefarious conscience

It’s just waiting for me to be within arms reach

To snatch the pistol from my holster

Point it to my temple

 Assume control over my vessel

And lead me out to the water

I’ll cry out to give the world hell

From the point where the wave breaks upon the shore

To the view of a washed up shell

Step by step it all becomes more real

The sand between my toes

The water now neck deep

I have just one thought

Before my head goes under

“Acceptance of the unknown and my soul to keep”

Followed by the arrival of thunder

It vibrates off of the ocean floor and caresses my sinking body

As the moon begins to shrink from my vision

I enter into the aphotic

Than it all goes



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