We’ll Talk About What Happened  To That Halo Soon 

There’s a light coating of tar on my lungs

 While I follow the bread crumb trail of feathers

Back to the place where you and your wings experienced discord

Do  blame the climate acting as circumstantial baggage

 It’s is an off brand band aid

Only covering the wounds

I see you trail behind as I stop to clear my lungs

” my goodness how wonderful it is to breathe” I think out loud

I choose oxygen

You choose flight

We’ll gather the feathers and put them back to where they belong

Because we are strong

Stronger than we’ve come to know

Stronger than we’ve been told

And as we converse on this subject

Picking up feather by feather

Suddenly in mid sentence I turn around to see your feet eye level with me

I tilt my head upwards to see

The feathers of yesterday were causing you to fly your travels in coach


 You open your eyes to what you’ve always deserved

Wings of Serenity

 Wings in first class at that


The shade of turquoise that your wings embody

I envision someday will be an accolade worn on your finger

But they are illuminating your wings today

We spread the old feathers

Like ashes across a lake

This is a moment that never fails to captivate

I can’t help but say

“Here’s to your new wings”

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