How Do Realist’s Explain Miracles?

I see you laying there

At 11:47 

Normally when you’re in my bed I consider it heaven 

But the vibes were mismatched 

The mattress uneven 

I cooked you sunnyside up 

Only for the dish to become cold 

I crawled up next to you 

Kissed the back of your neck 

Praying I’ll see goosebumps form 

But you stay motionless 

Your lips muster up the strength to ask “when will this be over”? 

I’ve never felt so cold in October 

As a last resort I pulled open the shades hoping the sun would be your remedy 

A hundred raindrops spat on the window 

The sky hogged by bitter cumulus 

It made the Nat king cole record even have an ire vibe 

I felt my will slipping with hers 

My eyes drifted out the window 

Watching the rain dissolve my faith 

I looked back to you 

To suddenly feel spontaneous déjà vu 

Your eyes right at that moment reminded me of when we first met 

The rise of my lips into a smile compromised the path of my tears 

I flapped my lips from the taste of them 

You tried to contain it but still let out a faint giggle 

I giggled back 

Suddenly I felt heat on the back of my neck 

The same feeling I tried to pass on to her 

I turned to see 

The sun had come out to relieve 

And it didn’t come alone 

Illuminating the sky was the brightest rainbow that ever captured our eye’s 

I didn’t hear a sound or signal 

But to my surprise 

You were dressed and standing next to me 

“Let’s go out my dear”

We jumped in the puddles and we skipped 

The rain with its melancholy was now beneath us 

I stopped for a second and turned around 

I was taken in by her magnetic beauty 

Than pointed my eyes up to the rainbow and asked 

“Do you think we can find the end of it” 

She replied 

“We can try” 

Than she let out a smile 

A thought than crossed my mind 

” I already found it” 

We followed the rainbow anyway 

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