Inspired out of a writer’s coma 

I don’t wanna say I’m falling

I just want you to hear my heart collide with the pavement that I’ve found comfort in as of recent

Wishful thinking that I’ll hear a second thud


Remember how I’ve been telling you modesty is key?

And that the ego dances with ignorance that in turn likes to have Irish car bombs at the bar with stupidity

So I’ll try and stay humble

Act like I didn’t just strike gold

Run down the hill just to climb it again

And treat you in the context of that tattoo that is hidden behind your bottom lip

 For eternity trying to win you over


Even if you were a figment of this twisted woodsy dark road of folklore I’ve come to recognize as my mind

Just like the man proclaiming that he was the “devil” that I shared a bench with outside of Penn station

He tried telling me when I was going to die (R.i.p as if it was a lifetime ago)

Your memory would stay

You’ve opened doors and windows that shed light on me


I’m digesting what is selfless

Stroking what is called an ego death

Peeling back the pieces of what’s heartless

Could you be the one that holds my attention?

I just wanna say thank you

Before I hadn’t written in over two years

I felt like Michelangelo

Attempting to paint the sisteen chapel with only one shade of black

And there you came

Corny as it sounds

Like a Home Depot employee in a time machine

Helping me through this seasons catalogue

A whole new spectrum of colors you introduced me to


I remember all throughout my youth hearing this quote religiously from my peers to the point the words might as well have been escorted by dust

It was when Robert Smith wrote “nothing gold can stay”

I thought to myself

“Who the fuck needs gold when you’ve found heaven”?

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