Concrete Foundation/Paper Thin Truth 

I see the cracks in the sidewalk

 They spell out time and a half on a Sunday 

The lettering is script and pin thin

But the message wrap’s around the world like eternal fray 

Machine thoughts and machine actions 

Publicized as truth 

And this year I’ll be the one in my own voting booth 

They actually think what’s the loudest and has the most emphasis 

Is what everyone will ingest and no questions asked 

“Just another spoonful please”

When the whispers are the perfect diet 

But they’ll tell you not to try it 

Mr.foreman with his time and a halfs 

Will preach at a less than savory volume 

And Stand their ground 

Only to realize the foundation they protect 

Is making a whispering sound 

Out of the crack 

Emerges a single root 

A rose that captivates all 

Not only by its beauty 

By the truth it speaks in mute

A whisper in the wind accompanies this heroic blossom and graces the ears of deceived consumers 

Mr foreman rethinks his avocation’s

Force fed truth is a rumor 

“Clock out men and go home to your families”

“Holiday pay for all ”

“And blossoming for many”

He lowered down to eye level with the rose 

Knowing not to compromise its beauty 

Eye contact agreement 

A peace proposed 

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