A Lesson Learned while in Astral Projection 

I wake up dead of night to see the Jesus statue on my dresser now full size and over watching me sleep Still very much a statue with condescending eyes 

I walk past him in my boxers and go out the front door 

Even in my dream’s I’m addicted to cigarettes 

I see my car parked in the middle of the street and stripped completely down 

I run to her only to see a block party down the street 

It consisted of many faces I didn’t know 

But also featured the likes of whom still held a grudge on my soul for “moral” wrongdoings of the past 

Might I ask who fuels the memory of the other

The prison or the crime 

The prison of their minds 

I see my door raised in the air by a very tall man 

Boasting his strength as the others cheer that they have stripped my explorer 

I wake up

I realize the car was myself 

I felt stripped of my personality amongst other things 

And the past was dancing in celebration as it knew it was winning 

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